For the Moment and the Future, Carpe Diem

In light of recent events, I have been doing a great deal of thinking about the transience of life. Yes, transience. We are born. And we die. Sadly, this is the reality of our existence. Indeed, this may seem like a weighted topic, but life seems incredibly weighted at the moment.

On a very personal note, two of my close relatives have been diagnosed with cancer this week. To say the least, I am devastated. That, in combination with the recent monstrous workings of ISIS, has given the world a tragic and frightening facade.


And so I ask myself, ‘What do we have to lose?’ We have just one life. One chance at happiness. One opportunity to make the most of all that life has given us, to count our blessings.

Now, I know that there are countless others, many undoubtedly better writers than myself, who have eloquently expressed their thoughts on this subject. And I am ashamed to say that I did not fully grasp the impact of mortality, until this week. But now I know. And for what it’s worth, I would like to share the lesson I have so painfully learned from this realization.


Please, take advantage of time. Take care of yourself. Do the things you have always been meaning to do. Travel. See the world in a new light, or through a new lens. Learn the thing you’ve always wanted to know. Live the life you truly want, not the one you think you need. Don’t let opportunities go to waste. Do those things for yourself. And do those things for the friends or loved ones who may never have the chance.

Perhaps I am preaching to the choir here, but still, the message will never lose its importance. Appreciate what you have. And I mean really appreciate it all. Tomorrow is never guaranteed, tragic and unwanted as that idea may be.


When the world, or my family seems to be crumbling, I am reminded of all that I have and therefore, all that I have to lose. And given some deep consideration, that is a lot. I have a loving husband and family, each one of them supportive, and all the basic necessities. And after those privileges, what more is there? Not much.

We are born. And we die. But what we do in between is obviously what matters. Once the experience of mortality presents itself, there’s no turning back. Don’t let the little things get in the way. Live life to the fullest. Carpe diem.

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