What It Means To Belong: At Home And In Paradise 

These last few weeks I have been absolutely remiss in neglecting my little blogging venture. Writing and recipes have been further from my mind than usual. And like that of everyone else, my time during the last few weeks was consumed by holiday parties, shopping for gifts, travel, sharing time with family, and the all too quick passing of the season. But for me, the experience of the holidays this year has been different: I’ve been at home.

Let me explain: for me, home is the breathtaking island of Bermuda. Simply put, I’m incredibly lucky. Bermuda is a place like no other. And it truly is a paradise. Clear, jewel-blue waters roll up onto sandy pink beaches. Houses painted in pastel colors fill the lush, green landscape. The winding, narrow roads are constantly buzzing with the sound of moped engines, the drivers busily en route.  Evenings smell of fresh ocean air and are unfailingly serenaded by the throaty songs of tree frogs. People greet each other in the street, because one is never too far away from a familiar face. Bermuda is its own tiny paradise.

How remarkable it is to call a place like Bermuda home. And even more remarkable is to feel a genuine sense of belonging, whether home is an exceptional part of the world or not. After a bit of reflection on the subject, I’ve learned that a sense of belonging encourages a sense of peace, which in turn allows for better focus and happiness. What a beautiful notion it is to feel intrinsic, whether the feeling is for a place, a person, an art, a talent, or just for home. Belonging makes us whole.

What are your thoughts about belonging? Is it important to happiness?

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