A Move To Paradise, A Blog Transformed

As it’s been so long since I’ve updated my dedicated readers, I thought this would be a great opportunity for a catch up. Make yourself comfortable and let me fill you in on all that’s happened since my last post and all that’s changed lately on ‘A Pinch Of Sea Salt’.

Rewind to nearly 4 months ago: My husband and I have recently moved to Quito, Ecuador’s capital city, in the hopes of reestablishing our little Italian style restaurant there. Then an earthquake happened. This wasn’t just a little tremor. No. It was a 7.8 scale quake. Our whole apartment building was swaying like a tree in a hurricane. It was a get-your-shoes-and-make-a-break-for-it kind of moment. And as it turns out, those moments totally wake you up from whatever apparently mundane things you were worried about before. And so we decided to move.


I’ll admit, this decision made me pretty happy. Our 2 years in Ecuador hadn’t always been easy, and we were moving back to Bermuda, or as I know it, home. No matter where you come from, living in a different country for any length of time has it’s setbacks. I missed my family, my own culture, my own language and my island home. I counted the days until our trip.

Finally we arrived in Bermuda, found an apartment, pawned unwanted furniture off of various family members, dealt with paperwork and unpacked a plethora of stuff. Obviously, if you’ve ever moved house, and especially if you’ve ever moved internationally, you know first hand how exhausting it is!


Soon enough though, life got back to normal. My husband found a job and I continued my search, totally frustrated as to what to look for and where to find it in a tough and tiny job market. But more about that in a future post!

Fast forward to now: Bermuda is in the height of summer and consequently, the height of heat. It honestly cannot get any hotter. But despite the occasional sunburn, I couldn’t be happier to be home. Bermuda is as beautiful and colourful as ever, and the comfort of all things familiar surrounds me. Detail by detail, I am happily teaching my husband more about the customs and quirks of Bermuda (and there are plenty of quirks).


And so that brings me to ‘A Pinch of Sea Salt’. Now that we have made it through the earthquake, the move, the job searches and the heat, I have been thinking more and more about blogging. While this blog was born as a culinary site, I find myself wanting to write more in the lifestyle sphere, so that photography, writing, travel and other new adventures can be featured just as much as recipes. So here’s hoping that you’ll enjoy following the new elements as much as I enjoy sharing them.

Thanks for catching up with me!

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