Hi and welcome to ‘A Pinch Of Sea Salt’, a lifestyle blog with a focus on cooking and photography. Here you’ll find everything from great recipes to macro photography, along with plenty of thoughts and ideas on life as it comes. Details like pink sea salt add interest and quality to food and life alike, so this site is dedicated to that: all that adds a little extra quality and fun to what already is. And whether I’m writing, cooking, baking, photographing or trying something totally new, I always try to keep self-improvement in mind. I hope you’ll enjoy following my adventures both in and out of the kitchen!

For interest’s sake…

  • While I love to bake, I also enjoy cooking, especially with my husband, who is a brilliant professional chef
  • Bermuda is the place I call home
  • I enjoy traveling to and exploring new places – so much to see, learn and photograph!
  • It’s important to me to put my own twist on recipes, to always cook from scratch and to be creative with food, flavours and fresh ingredients
  • Colour and contrast are the elements that first attracted me to photography

Hope you’ll enjoy having a look around!

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 6.56.17 PM



Home page header photo credit – https://thrivemarket.com/himalania-himalayan-fine-pink-salt

Letter C Photo – http://www.calligraphyletters.org

All photos and recipes on this blog are my own, unless otherwise mentioned.

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